Bezoek aan Pallipalem december 2015


December 2015 mocht ik een bezoek brengen aan Pallipalem. Dit was een onvergetelijke ervaring. De ligging van het dorp midden in de Indiase natuur en de vriendelijkheid van de mensen zijn overgetelijk. De school is een fantastische plek waar kinderen echt een start kunnen maken met hun toekomst. Het is fantastisch om te zien hoe serieus ze dat nemen.

Stichting Support to Connect klaar voor nieuwe ANBI regels


Stichting Support to Connect is blij te kunnen melden dat we klaar zijn voor de nieuwe regels mbt de ANBI regeling van de belastingdienst. We hebben e.e.a. netjes geregeld en op onze website openbaar gemaakt. Samen met de mooie vooruitgang die we in 2013 geboekt hebben geeft dat perspectief naar de toekomst toe, zodat we hopelijk nog veel goede dingen kunnen gaan zien gebeuren in de projecten in India.

Update School project march 2012


During the visit of Steven and Evert, we  announced the coMakeIT support to the school via the Dutch foundation ‘Support to Connect’.

The support is linked to the number of billable head count in coMakeIT.

Another important development: Sivaji is working on obtaining information statistics from the villagers as required by the United India Insurance company (UII), to report no. of families, names, gender, age and economic back ground. The following projects will be executed by the foundation with the help of UII.

Insurance cover for economically backward families in order to provide financial support in case of accidents, calamities affecting crop and cattle etc
Clean drinking water provision by installing RO plants at selected places in village.

Current status of construction as per the image:


Foundation School update september 2010


Once again a brief but important update:

1.       Sashikanth, Praveen, Rajaram and Kiran made a visit to the school on 17th Sep.
2.       We also took the opportunity to do a small inauguration ceremony of the two new class rooms
3.       Sashikanth and Praveen did the honors and also addressed the parents
4.       A change this time, parents also spoke about how they see things and what makes them send their kids to this school, it was very nice.
5.       We have 100 kids now (LKG, UKG, Class 1 and Class 2), nice to see the growth
6.       Teachers are committed and enthusiastic
7.       A mother who spoke during the event, told us that it was her dream to get an admission in this school !!

Update school project februari 2010


Herewith an update on foundation school project in Pallipalem activities.

1.      School is now operational with 75 children (kindergarten and Class 1)
2.      We have 4 staff members now taking care of teaching and up keep
3.      We have 4 class rooms now (second building was opened in September 2009)
4.      See pictures enclosed:

school 2


Current issues and actions:

1.      Due to the type of roofing (it was a cost decision), it is getting very hot inside the rooms during the months of March to July (of course the school is closed for summer for a couple of months in between)
2.      Since we don’t have a fence protection around the school premises, kids are entering bushes behind the school building where two snakes were spotted last month
3.      We have now started a crash action:
a.      We are covering the roof with 9-inch thick insulation grass material that will provide good cooling effect (this is proven over number of years). The grass is called “Rellu Gaddi” In Telugu and scientifically known as “Saccharum spontaneum” also known as Kans grass.
b.      We have completed constructing fence around the school premises with cement pillars connected with GI wires with coconut leaves inserted as shield.
c.       FYI: the estimate is around Rs 40000 to complete these two important steps.

We are travelling to the village this weekend (27th and 28th), where we will also review the situation for next academic year. Sashikanth, Praveen, Rajaram and Sanjay are joining as of now.

Update School project august 2009


A brief update about the School project in Pallipalem:

1.    School building for class 1 and 2 is in progress
a.    Roofing, plastering of walls and floor is pending
b.    Expect to open the building by August 15 (Déjà vu, like last year)
2.    Sport equipment purchased
3.    Furniture for class 1 is being made
4.    Most important step is to get the school recognized in the government
a.    This is a big procedure that we are outsourcing to an agent in Kakinada
5.    Since it is now 3 years since the foundation is setup
a.    We will be moving a file for tax exemption for donors
b.    We will also be moving a request into the ministry of home affairs to allow foreign funds