Update school project februari 2010


Herewith an update on foundation school project in Pallipalem activities.

1.      School is now operational with 75 children (kindergarten and Class 1)
2.      We have 4 staff members now taking care of teaching and up keep
3.      We have 4 class rooms now (second building was opened in September 2009)
4.      See pictures enclosed:

school 2


Current issues and actions:

1.      Due to the type of roofing (it was a cost decision), it is getting very hot inside the rooms during the months of March to July (of course the school is closed for summer for a couple of months in between)
2.      Since we don’t have a fence protection around the school premises, kids are entering bushes behind the school building where two snakes were spotted last month
3.      We have now started a crash action:
a.      We are covering the roof with 9-inch thick insulation grass material that will provide good cooling effect (this is proven over number of years). The grass is called “Rellu Gaddi” In Telugu and scientifically known as “Saccharum spontaneum” also known as Kans grass. http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/Kans%20Grass.html
b.      We have completed constructing fence around the school premises with cement pillars connected with GI wires with coconut leaves inserted as shield.
c.       FYI: the estimate is around Rs 40000 to complete these two important steps.

We are travelling to the village this weekend (27th and 28th), where we will also review the situation for next academic year. Sashikanth, Praveen, Rajaram and Sanjay are joining as of now.